Selling on TackHunter
  • How do I list an item?

    Listing an item is as easy as 1-2-3! First, select the center icon, and take photos of the item or upload your own photos. Second, describe the item in as much detail as possible; the more specific you are, the faster your item is to sell! Third, set a price, and hit list!

  • How do I delete a listing?

    To delete your listing, select the listing you want to delete, and hit the red "Mark as Sold" button in the bottom right corner to remove the listing. This will also close any outstanding offers on the listing. You can reopen your listing anytime.

  • How do I ship an item?

    1) Pack your item.

    When shipping your item, pack it in a sturdy box or mailing envelope with plenty of padding for safe transport. USPS provides free boxes and envelopes for Priority Mail shipping. Feel free to add a nice thank you or some treats for their ponies to add a special touch!

    2) Attach your free prepaid shipping label

    Everytime you sell something on TackHunter, we send you a free USPS shipping label (with insurance). You'll receive your label via email a few minutes after the item sells. If you do not receive an email, you may also download and print the label in the app (navigate to your profile tab -> Tap "My Sales" -> Tap the item you're shipping -> Tap "Download Label")

    3) Drop it off

    We expect sellers to ship their item within 1-2 days, and to always communicate any unexpected shipping delays.

  • I never received a shipping label!

    Check your "Spam" folder in your email. You can also print a shipping label directly from the app itself by clicking on the profile icon on the bottom far right, then selecting "Sales", and selecting the item you wish to ship. If are still having trouble, email us for further assistance.

  • Are packages insured?

    Packages are insured for their sold value; if a package is lost in the mail, don't worry! The seller will still receive their earnings, and the buyer wil still receive a full refund.

Buying on TackHunter
  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping is based on the weight of the item. We use insured United States Postal Service Priority Mail. The price of shipping is listed to the right of the price of the item on the detailed listing

  • How long does shipping take?

    All items ship via 2-day priority mail. We expect our sellers to ship within 1-2 business days of purchase. If you are concerned that an item is taking too long to ship, you may request an update by commenting on the listing directly, or by emailing us

  • How do I track my package

    If you navigate to your purchases (Tap your profile tab -> "My Purchases"), you can select an item to see it's shipping status. Furthermore, if you tap on the shipping status for an item, you can track the package. Please allow 5-10 minutes after your purchase for the shipping information to appear.

  • My item never shipped! Can I cancel my order?

    Yes! Simply ask us via support chat or email us

  • How can I check my earnings?

    Select the profile icon on the bottom far right, and scroll down to select "Balance". Your pending balance is earnings from items in transit or waiting to be accepted by the buyer. Your redeemable balance is earnings that are ready to be deposited into your bank account!

  • When do I get paid for items I've sold?

    Your earnings become available for withdraw when the buyer accepts the package, or 48 hours after delivery of the package. Whichever comes first.

  • How am I paid?

    TackHunter supports direct deposit (1 business day), or we can mail you a check (4-5 business days). Please contact support if you'd like to have a check mailed out. Direct deposits can be scheduled for free within the app.